the home water hub

What if there was one affordable appliance that would transform the way you drink and use water?


What if it also connected to your kitchen appliances, and enhanced how you cook, brew, freeze, mix and more?

we can do better

Did you know there is an island of water bottles and other waste the size of Texas in the Pacific?


What if you could save up to $1900/yr making your own, better tasting, bottled water - just by simply pressing a button.


That's exactly what we designed the new Water Optimizer to do.

dispensing features

  • 3 dispense modes

  • LED fill light

  • 3 temperature modes

  • extra deep drip reservoir

  • removable drip tray (for tall containers)

kitchen connectivity

When you strip away all of the premium features, the Water Optimizer's primary function is transforming your existing water into delicious pure water, and delivering it at the temperatures you want, wherever you want it.


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in collaboration with DRINKPOD

The Kenmore Water Optimizers were developed in collaboration with Drinkpod.


ultra+3 purification

Even with its tiny countertop form factor, the Water Optimizer is able to refine your water to taste utterly delicious. In fact, our test groups claim it is the best water they've tasted. To accomplish this, we've packed the internal replaceable pod with the best purification technology.

Each ULTRA+3 filter pod has an extended lifespan of 790 gallons, and can be replaced by removing a magnetic panel, followed by a simple twist.

To provide even more value, for users with abnormally poor water quality, we've also included a free Particle Filter to help sustain the primary filter's lifespan.


UltraVi sterilizer

Bacteria is something that you definitely don't want in your water. While the ULTRA filter is highly effective at reducing bacteria, we wanted to do more.

The Water Optimizer features a cold cathode UV ray bulb. As water is dispensed, water flows through the UV chamber exposing any remaining bacteria to ultraviolet light rays. These rays have a sterilizing effect that helps prevent further growth.

POU Live Sterilization

Rated for 1000 hours

Active on Ambient Mode



The countertop Water Optimizer is more narrow than most Keurigs, short enough to open any cabinets above it, and shallow enough to leave several inches of counter in front of it.


Both the hot and cold tank are manufactured with treated, high-grade 304 stainless steel.


even more

ways to use your Water Optimizer


Water Optimizer

Countertop • with UltraVi - $349

Water Optimizer

Freestanding Tower - $329


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