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Does the Water Optimizer use bottles or reservoirs?

No. Water Optimzers connect to an existing water source (like your icemaker water line or sink cold water line), allowing it to optimize your existing tap water.

What types of connections does the installation kit support?

The installation kit (included with every Water Optimizer) supports the following connections. ICEMAKER WATER LINE (input) & ACCESSORY APPLIANCES (output): The following two types of connections are the most standard universal types used for connecting water to kitchen appliances. The latter may occasionally require additional parts we are more than happy to send on request at no additional charge. - 1/4 in. O.D. (outside diameter) Quick Connect (also knows as Speedfit) - 1/4 in. O.D. Compression Male or Female (also knows as 7/16 in. O.D. UNS -24) SINK COLD WATER LINE (input): The first connection is the most common under-sink connection size in the United States (roughly 80% of all plumbing). The latter connection is the next most common (roughly 15% of all plumbing), which we can ship to you upon request at no additional charge. - 3/8 in. O.D. (outside diameter) Compression - 1/2 in. (nominal) NPT To request special parts, simply jump over to our support page and shoot us an message, or call us. Be sure to include your product serial #.

How do the 3 different fill modes work?

All the fill mode steps listed below occur after selecting your desired water temperature (if not default cold). 1) Press-To Fill Mode: Simply press and hold your finger on the button until your cup or bottle reaches the desired fill level. 2) Constant Fill Mode: Tap the QuickFill Mode button to disengage, and then tap the Dispense button. Water will continue to dispense until you tap the dispense button again, or 1 minute passes (approximately 1/2 gallon). The latter is a safety shutoff to prevent accidentally flooding your floor if you forget. 3) QuickFill Mode: This mode can be triggered by simply tapping the dispense button. By default it is programmed to 10 seconds, but it can be programmed to your preferences. To reprogram, simply tap and hold the QuickFill button for 5 seconds (until it starts flashing). Next, with your desired cup or bottle located under the dispenser, press the Dispense button once to start dispensing water. Once your container has reached the desired level, tap the Dispense button again to stop water flow. Finally, tap QuickFill button to save preference.

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As part of Kenmore's partnership with Drinkpod, all support, warranties, and replacements are handled by Drinkpod.

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All Water Optimizer and Water Dispenser appliances are covered by a standard Kenmore 2 year warranty that can be viewed here.

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