The freestanding Kenmore Water Optimizer combines 3 primary functions, making it the perfect appliance for anyone who drinks water.


  1. Personal Water Bottle Factory - It transforms your existing tap water into deliciously pure water with its ULTRA+3 Purification System.
  2. Temperature Optimized Dispenser - Rather than waiting for your bottled water to chill, or an appliance to heat your water, the Water Optimizer provides instant water in ambient, cold, and hot temperatures.
  3. Home Purification Hub - Wish you could have purified coffee or ice too? This Water Optimizer is equipped with Ice/Café Connect, and can provide purified water for up to 2 additional appliances, like your refrigerator’s ice-maker and coffee or espresso maker.


Designed to be reservoir-free, the Water Optimizer is supplied with water by an easy to install hose that can be connected to your ice-maker or kitchen faucet cold water line. From there, the water is processed by the internal ULTRA+3 Purification System’s four user replaceable filter pods, capable of producing up to 7,200 half liter bottles before needing replaced.



  • Child safety lock for hot water dispenser.
  • Stainless steel cabinet and accents.
  • Mechanical independent dispensers allow for power free water purification (ambient only).
  • Installation kit included.
  • U.S. based technical support.
  • 2-year Kenmore Warranty

Kenmore Water Optimizer • Freestanding

$409.00 Regular Price
$329.00Sale Price
    • Particle Filter utilizes a nanofiber filter to greatly reduce contaminants larger than 10 microns in size (i.e. cysts and rust) and extend the life of the proceeding filters.
    • Chemical Filter uses granular activated carbon to reduce THMs, organic contaminants, industrial pollutants, and pesticides.
    • ULTRA Filter utilizes submicron membranes to reduce suspended solids, bacteria, colloidal silica, pyrogens, and large organic molecules.
    • Polishing Filter utilizes an activated carbon block to greatly reduces undesirable taste, odor, and color, and improves the safety of drinking water.
  • Total Rated Power 520 Watts
    Heating Power 420 Watts
    Refrigeration Power 90 Watts
    Rated Pure Water Flow 0.32 gal/min (43.5 psi)
    Hot Water Production 1.01 gal/hr : 172°F - 194°F
    Hot Water Storage 0.26 gal
    Cold Water Production 0.66 gal/hr : 34°F - 42°F
    Cold Water Storage 0.8 gal
    Temperature Requirements 40 °F - 100 °F
    Humidity Requirements ≤ 90%
    Water Pressure Requirements 14.5 psi - 58 psi
    Water Source Quality Tap Water
    Filter #1 Type Sediment Depth Filter
    Filter #2 Type Granular Activated Carbon
    Filter #3 Type UF Membrane
    Filter #4 Type Activated Carbon Block
    Appliance Width 12.25 inches
    Appliance Depth 14.17 inches
    Appliance Height 40.94 inches
    Appliance Weight 39.9 lbs